So, you want to become a paid writer for Dystopia Rising: Northern California?
Please thoroughly look over the information below and write to us at Jason@DystopiaRisingNoCal.com for information and details about contracting with us. You will need to submit a SAMPLE MODULE.

Your sample module should include the exact number and type of NPCs you need (non-player characters, or your actors), include a short summary of the module. If you wish to see a sample module format because you are not familiar with it, please contact the same email. We prefer that you have some knowledge of the process before we consider you.

Our Writers have strict deadlines.
We know you have talent however if you cannot make deadline, then we can not use your material. Writers who are late with their deadlines will be dismissed and not considered again.

Writers should focus on the local feel of Sinn and Conn Valley.
If you're interested in writing for Dystopia Rising: Northern California, please take a look at the Pillars of Dying Light sourcebook or learn about the Western region of the world. We can give you a copy of some flavor documents if you feel you need them. We focus heavily on the Final Knight cabal in power in Sinn and Conn. Please know your Final Knight history. Conflicts are economic and mostly take place between two families in power here, the Conners and the Sinclairs. Main zed for the region include Blessed Dead, Bursters, Dust Shamblers, Floating Heads, Ghasts, High Rank Hunters, and normal Shamblers. Common RAIDER types are Berserkers, Deadeye,  Dollys, Herders, Pitt Stops, and Scraptionists.

Writers Must consider the season when writing modules.
Because Dystopia Rising: Northern California is located in an area that becomes extremely hot in the summer, we ask for submissions that fit the season they're being written for. Please consider that when it's hot in the summer, or cool in the fall and winter because players want to be outside or in, or maybe even in water. When it's winter, players prefer internal mods and more upbeat modules. When it's spring, focus on getting outside after winter and going on adventure modules. When it's autumn, focus on combat and heavy conflict and martial themes. Not all religious themes need to be martial in nature, please remember that too.

Writers should focus on horror at Dystopia Rising: Northern California.
Writing horror-inspired modules is key at Dystopia Rising: Northern California. If you need help with the horror genre, take a look at some horror films for inspiration for your modules.

Writers can submit several-month arcs.
If you're interested in created an over arc theme that spans several months, please submit the general outline of your idea to Jason@DystopiaRisingNoCal.com. While single-shot modules are acceptable, writers that have ideas of groups, modules, and scenarios that go across several months can be re-hired for work.

Writers CANNOT submit multiple-chapter cross branch story arcs before informing us that this is occurring, and also speaking with other local narrative designers.
If you try to create a cross-branch story, you MUST inform us ahead of time before you commit to writing. Failure to do so will mean that you will not be contracted again.

Writers should write modules that anyone can run.
Each module should be written in such a fashion that an ops marshal or rules marshal can look at the module and then be able to run it during game, assigning NPC roles, setting up the module site, etc.

We always need new writers and talent, so do not hesitate to contact Jason@DystopiaRisingNoCal.com if interested.