- Use Bullet Points. Submissions in story format will not be accepted. 

- Backgrounds can not be accepted until the character has been in play for 2 NorCal events or is a character type that requires a pre-approved background.

- DR NorCal branch only has control over the Northern California territories in the Echoes of Celluloid Dreams sourcebook, including the upper broken coast and sacred mento. Anything outside will need special permission from the owner of that DR Branch, and will only be accepted in very special situations. 

-Look at the Strain restrictions and character age restrictions before submitting a background.

- Keep all groups you create as Small as possible. 

- Please keep it brief as we get many submissions.

- This is not the application process for uncommon or rare strains. Please e-mail Kai@DystopiaRisingNoCal.com for inquiries on such applications.

Player Name *
Player Name
Please note the requirements for playing different strains at DR NorCal
Please have your background go through a spell check prior to posting.
NPC interaction should be kept to lower numbers. The chance of a player seeing 100s of NPCs is slim to none.
Any PCs listed in your background *must* be confirmed by that player. An email confirmation can be sent to DRNorCalCoord@gmail.com. Failure to confirm connections will 100% hold a background from approval.
Any items of key importance not outlined in NPC interaction or travel locations.
Character in Play *
I understand that my background must follow a certain format and guideline.
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