There are three levels of approval in regards to strains. These strains will be approved or denied based on what DR NorCal finds as appropriate in regards to story and genre.  In addition, more complex strains are restricted as to ensure that the presentation of individual strains matches what is appropriate for genre materials.  As further strains become available to Dystopia Rising Larp as a whole, those strains will be added to this four stage approval list. 

Please note that anyone at the age of 18 or over cannot play a character beneath the age of 18. 

While we do not allow players under the age of 18 years of age to play in NorCal currently, Players under the age of 18 in other chapters are barred from any form of intimate or romantic roleplay as a network standard.


Open Approval

The following strains may be played by anyone.  These strains require no background nor approval.

  • Bay Walker - "Bridge Walkers"

    • The Bay Walkers of Sinn & Conn are known as Bridge Walkers. Often self segregated, the Bridge Walkers have found two walks of life. The less seen pursue academia, wherein they seclude themselves to the Stanfjord Citadel, dedicating themselves to their research and studies. The common Bridge Walker is the blue collar laborer. The workers of the docks understand that this world isn't given to them on a platter. They're highly intelligent, but also understand that you can't earn a living on writing arithmetic alone. Tough as nails, these Bridge Walkers understand the logistics of hard work and how to execute it to make their way.

  • Diesel Jocks

    • The motorheaded nomads of the waste have taken a different spin on their live fast die hard lifestyle, asphalt and tarmac, dunes and winding gorges are all old hat for this new breed of traveler, they've taken to the ocean. So long as it floats, is loud, belches columns of black smoke and goes real real fast, then the callous and cold Diesel Jocks of the broken coast will be the one behind the wheel. Converting their rides to become amphibious, or some, going all the way, favoring entirely aquatic designs. Aesthetically, they are still all about the black leathers and scrap armors of their forefathers, its just that the waterborn jocks have found new surfaces to tear up and conquer.

  • Genjian

    • Local Genjian of Sinn & Conn Valley are the enterprising and industrious souls of the Wastelands. Holding partial ownership over many ports of trade while operating them with traditional discipline alongside Bridge Walking brethren, these Genjin families are the cogs that keep waterborne trade moving. While they may not own as much as the Purebloods they often work under, they delegate, manage and hire for lucrative business opportunities for any who is willing to shoulder the work. Professional delegates, the formal business practices of the Genjian carry over in many of their day-to-day dealings with the other strains, often putting them in the position of society's benefactors. These business families also maintain a high level of disciplined security, and practice old martial styles and are ready for war with both the living and the dead, when necessary.

  • Lascarian

    • Far below the valley there lies a constructed throne located within the subterranean systems and subway rails that connect the deep unexplored dark, and Sinn & Conn. The tunnels and passages themselves are infested with a multitude of packs of Lascarians, many, but not all, finding spiritual refuge as members of the Final Knight subsect Servants of Rot. While the individual residing on the throne of the strongest pack, known as “Seat of the Pantheon “ shifts constantly, they all take up the mantle “Pantheon”. Until their power is contested and the throne seized, the Pantheon guides their flock to the dilution of the local gravemind and prepares themselves to transition to a heightened existence. Those Sinn and Conn Lascarians that have been here for a long time, and many packs by design have been groomed by Final Knight influence to be the true savage cannibals that the infection intended them to be, whether faithful or not.

  • Natural One

    • On any mountain there is ample resources to survive. In a dead valley there are less. Natural Ones of the Sinn and Conn Valley have become the pinnacle of the modern survivor. Their tribes derive their skills from old world military rangers, and survival techniques. They live off their land and waste nothing. Their hunters are prized and often hired for the riskiest of expeditions to obtain mutated prey. They shun culture and watch it from afar, only interacting when trade presents opportunity for their tribe's survival. They have learned to derive bounty from the sea, and have some of the best fishermen in the wastes.

  • Red Star

    • The Crimson Woods Cell is the biggest and most influential of the cells that have taken root in Sinn and Conn. dwelling in the extensive local cave systems and tree tops within the coastal hills to the South of the Valley. They’re all about totally rad vibes and making sure that everyone has an equal chance in this world to truly figure out their purpose. Gone are the typical communist garbs, but a more Anarchist vibe in dress is apparent.
      While the local Red’s are not the most intelligible, they have a strong connection to what they consider life. As Red Star have a tendency to be unable to kill one another even in death and zombification, they treat their dead almost as if they were still alive and let them wander around the camps without any restraints or restrictions. Over time this has led to the Crimson Woods having a large number of Combies that freely lumber about helping to protect the cell. Insulation from local horror, by horror, is working for them.

  • Semper Morte

    • Normally far rarer in most lands, there seems to be a stronger than usual presence of the bloodsuckers here in the valley.
      Some attribute it to the ruins of strange research stations, others think it's all Pureblood experiments, a few utterly superstitious even claim that the carnivore carnival is to blame, as if you bet it all and lose, well, winner takes all right? That makes you into a Semper right? But that's stupid! Who ever heard of someone becoming a Semper from a bite?
      The locals will believe anything sometimes, but there are a lot more of them around these parts, and all of them whisper the name "Xero"

  • Salt Wise

    • The waters are so dark and dangerous around Sinn and Conn, the Saltwise choose above water to lay their heads down. They have a special relationship with the sea creatures here, including the GarWhales, Thunderseals, and CrockGrizz. Some of their families even have a spiritual relationship with their sea creatures, the cult of Moby being one well know example living in the outskirts the flotilla shanty town. The horrors below the water range from nonliving threats to nightmare cityscapes with trapped dead and worse, like nightmare floating heads in the sunken steel jungles. Also, the old time debts here are still owed, but the swimming orders are chaotic and where they are coming from now a days is unclear. What is clear, is that if you take a job for the man here, you do it right or you get dead.

  • Solestros

    • The Solestros of the Sinn and Conn Valley have lost their leverage. The Pureblood families killed themselves off, and the honey pot employment opportunities dried up. While some Solestros families still hold Pureblood positions, other’s remain here because they fill a void that the Purebloods left. They had the contacts among the common strains to leverage them economically when necessary. They went from wearing coveralls, to suits, and their family ties turned them inward, creating gangs in their community. They began working point for Genjian businessmen and running point for Pureblood economic schemes. Their minds are still taxed by their labors, but the jobs have become more violent and martial these days.

  • Vegasian

    • Here from the beginning, Vegasians are still common in Sinn and Conn valley. They came here with the original Conner party and have never left. Adopting the ways of legendary sea side gambling towns of old, the locals here tend to adopt flashy fashion using skins from creatures of the sea, both scaled and furred. From shell games to common cards, the Vegasians here are as ready to use their buddies as cover when bullets start to fly as any place else.

  • Yorker

    • Considered to be one of the more thick-skulled and combative strains, Yorkers located on the western coast live up to expectation. Having found little in the way of Old York gangs to clamor to, West Coast Yorkers have ended up developing strict loyalties to companies and factions that enlist them within their ranks. The hotheaded bravado that a Yorker pits out to stand up for these associations make them highly desirable for both security and militaristic roles, and as a result, some of the most prestigious and decorated security teams were founded, if not fully staffed, by Yorkers. While outwardly combative and confrontational, it is primarily the Yorkers that put their lives on the line for their neighboring strains. Operating as the sentries and gatekeepers of most settlements, Yorkers have been coined 'gaters' as both a term of endearment and respect for their willingness to put themselves between the external threats, and those that live inside the walls. The huge sea gate in Sinn and Conn, can be found to be buzzing with Yorker’s trying to find work securing trade endeavors, as well as trying to hire out on whatever ship will take them away from here.

Limited Approval

Limited Approval characters require an approved background and a higher bar of costuming before they will be considered for play.  Limited approval character backgrounds must exemplify the players knowledge of Dystopia Rising genre and world materials, and most will include culture packets for you to read in order to help you represent the strain.  Limited Approval characters must abide by high standards of role play and appropriate costume to be allowed to continue in game, and in addition must be willing to expend 150 assistance points upon approval. 

  • Full Dead

    • The Necropolis known as Colma was home to many many dead before the fall of the world, most from the wild west gold rush era.
      This collection of bodies when introduced to the infection, and massive earth quakes of the area engaged in a slow forced mutation of hundreds of years, body atop body, melding and warping, condensing. Resulting in the occasional cadaver rising from such a place, its mind containing incomplete memories of the many laid to rest in Colma.

  • Merican - "HomeSteaders"

    • The Homesteading Mericans’ focus on independence and self sufficiency has resulted in a very hard work ethic, ironically mirroring that of the more widespread stereotype of Red Stars. As a result of this independence, Mericans are less likely to don the Stars N’ Stripes of old, and instead stick to earthly colors that match their domicile. While the Stars and bars of the Mericans elsewhere are not exactly banned, they will bring some skeptical looks of the few locals that do leave their homestead.

  • Rovers

    • House boats and caravans used to be a common sight in the area, until splinter groups of the Diesel Jock Ash-Riders clan took to water born piracy. This stirred up the local Saltwise and Genjian territorial clans, Rovers became a popular target to attack and steal from when ammo and supplies became low in the frequent conflicts.
      Frankly speaking, this pissed off the Rovers. This forced some to leave forever, while leading the more stubborn of them to group together for necessity of survival, creating a floating fortress out of scrap and their remaining vehicles.

      Some ten years on, they've developed a distrust of outsiders, and their hard shell takes some cracking before they may warm up and resemble the affable stereotype that most outside of the Northen Califa are used to.
      One trademark of their garb is a series of scarves, knotted and braided into harnesses and belts, ending in a variety of climbing hooks and carabiner clips, keeping them safe from falling overboard at sea. These are prized possessions, and very meaningful gifts in their culture.

  • Remnants

    • While still as common as cockroaches, something very different seems to afflict remnants who live in the area, manifesting extremely grotesque mutations, growths, misshapen horns, vestigial limbs etc. This condition even affects remnants who move into the area from outside, within a few months of continued... exposure? They exhibit asymmetrical and strange disfigurements.
      Make no mistake, remnants are much more physically obvious in these territories.

  • Retrogrades

    • With so many people having a "shoot first, shoot it again, and then shoot it just to be on the safe side" mentality in certain areas of the Northern Califa territories, It's no surprise that if you look, smell and feel like a zombie, that people will find you pretty disgusting and probably be downright discriminatory in the best of situations.
      after all, who wants to find out you lost a finger nail in their establishment, or see your nose slide off your face because you got caught out in the rain a few days ago?
      Most "Rotties" tend to stick (no pun intended) to their own kind, and don't venture into populated areas, but, one or two can be seen from time to time, swaddled in rags and bloodied bandages to hold their bodies together.
      Sure hope they remember their mask though.

  • Iron Slave

    • No free Iron in their right mind would come to the Sinn and Conn Valley. You’d need to be a certain type of crazy and brave to even consider it. The town has long been known for their pro-slavery views; starting back in the soft, golden days of the Pureblood families and their high tech toys. But nowadays the Final Knights are running the show, which means even non-Irons have been captured and put into their service. Locals double and triple lock their doors when the sun sets, whispering horrifying tales to their children – stories of slavers coming in the middle night and snatching you from your bed. Everyone knows of at least one friend or family member who has been taken… and returned. Either as a fresh convert to the 33, or as a zed. Final Knights say only the strongest survive. But for Iron Slaves in the Sinn and Conn Valley, only the strongest are free.


Restricted Approval

Restricted Approval characters require an approved background before they will be considered for play.  Limited approval character backgrounds must exemplify the players knowledge of Dystopia Rising genre and world materials.  Limited Approval characters must abide by high standards of role play and appropriate costume to be allowed to continue in game.  In addition, players that wish to play a Restricted Approval strain must also expend 300 assistance points upon approval.  Players must have at least 300 assistance points earned before applying for one of the following strains:

  • Unborn of Teixiptla

    • There is a local tribe of the Unborn of Teixiplta living in the area. Their numbers are small, survivors of a population seemingly as old as the valley itself. Unusually, they are not migrants from the South, they have always lived in this valley. The Unborn priests in the South decreed that this local tribe had been cast out of the valley by the Great Dead God in antiquity for unmentionable crimes. They labeled the group in Sinn and Conn Valley “The Cursed”. The Cursed have long sought the reason for their ancient exile, but so far only one clue has been uncovered, old world texts and storage containers bearing the words “Project Teocalli'“

  • Pure Bloods

    • Rumor was the Sinn and Conn valley used to be place where you couldn't drive out for a byte without hitting one. Well, used to anyway. Now them fuckers are no where to be found. Some people say they did to themselves, rival families putting each other out of business.. After all, you don't need to keep up with Gates if the Gates are all dead. Some say it was the Solestros who rose up against them, over worked and underpaid, and tired of their bullshit. Some say they ran away to the clouds in the hills and now live in their own cloud city; some say they're living on a giant yacht in the middle of the Pacific with the Saltwise. But the locals know better - they believe they're still here in the Sinn and Conn, deep underground, hidden away in a tunnels and bunkers, waiting for the day when they'll rise up and reclaim the city as their own. But for now, the Jobbs have dried up, the Gates are closed, and we don't have to deal with any of that Pureblood Musk in our city.

These are all extremely rare in our in game area, so the number of total in play will be very limited. 

Not Approved for Play at DR Norcal

While these strains will be able to travel into our game from other games, they will not be approved to local players for play.  This is primarily due to the style, focus, and themes of the DRNorCal game.  Strains that are traditionally located in different areas, are restricted in their travels, or are not appropriate for the local culture will not be allowed.

  • Nation of Ascensor

    • The most devote amongst the wastes have been made pariah by sheer hatred. Once invited to the area for their devotion to the faiths, when the shit hit the fan in Sinn and Conn, mutants had no place and even became the target of vicious hunts, all known compounds of their people have been exterminated or driven out by the Children of Abaddon. Heads of their kind adorn the Lord’s Halls. It is said their presence as visitors will only be suffered if registered, documented, and placed in a special slum for their kind. The NoA that choose to suffer here find their presence outside the main section of town buildings offers them a secret sanctuary to fulfill their goals and prayers.
      (OOG note, Visitors who play Ascensorites are welcome, but as a warning, while not KoS, they may be targeted by potential kidnapping or ‘forced conversion’ roleplay scenes due to the nature of the town)

  • Reclaimers

    • Sinn and Conn Valley is a desolate location, far removed from the frigid north that the Reclaimers call home. Such a trek may theoretically be useful for occasional reconnaissance and trading, but no Reclaimer has ever even set foot in Sinn and Conn valley for long. Inhabiting such a place would be a foolhardy endeavor so far from home.



Assistance points may be earned by assisting the game with set up, going above and beyond normal player standards, assisting with additional NPC shifts, or by helping with game requested donations (see Facebook groups for donation list) or approved charities. 

When submitting an application for playing a non common strain, please send finished photos and backstory of your character to, and follow the normal rules for character submission.
Character costume and background approval for strains that require such things is often a multi step process, and we have no problem you contacting us for further information so we can help inspire you to make your dream character, but please give plenty of time for us to give you suggestions of changes to your costume, and give yourself the time to make those changes without rushing them. (2-3 weeks minimum is encouraged)