Local history reports

Sinn and Conn Valley Sinn and Conn Valley is a small settlement on the coast nestled just south of Francesca and Standfjord. This puts it squarely between El Dorado and Whiskeytown.

Although small in size and population, Sinn and Conn Valley has existed for nearly a decade. Semper Mort have occupied the area since long before it was settled, and can be considered a native population, though it remains unclear why they are so prevalent in the area.

Jedidiah Conner, a Vegasian has governed the town since it was founded, and his friend Markus Sinclair, a Solestros oversaw economic development.

They arrived with the Ash Riders, led by a Diesel Jock named Ripsaw. The three have worked together since the beginning to ensure that Sinn and Conn Valley grew to be a prosperous town. This often involved slave labor. This all changed two years ago however. Lord Shivver is the current de facto ruler of Sinn and Conn Valley, although Jedidiah Conner is still officially governor. Lord Shivver leads the Children of Abaddon, an authoritarian Final Knight military force that seized control of Sinn and Conn Valley two years ago in a rapid slave rebellion turned coup. This coup was followed by a round of questioning, and any citizen that gave less than satisfactory answers was executed repeatedly until they stopped coming back.

The town lost nearly half its population that night. Not a single member of the Nation of Accensor was spared. The soldiers of the Children of Abaddon settled into their new role as enforcers of the new regime. They are hardened warriors, fiercely loyal to Lord Shivver, and intolerant of disobedience within their own ranks. They patrol the streets once every hour, looking for anyone breaking the laws of the town.

Any resistance to their rule is met with a brutal sweep and suppression of the town, usually resulting in one or more public executions. Current life within Sinn and Conn Valley is hard.

Everyone who is not a member of the Children of Abaddon is a second-class citizen, and the laws are applied more harshly towards them. The constant patrols of the Children of Abaddon keep the streets safe of the more powerful monsters, and citizens are expected to be productive because of this. Guards and soldiers often go hungry due to lack of work.

The Strains within Sinn and Conn Valley are treated equally by the Children of Abaddon with a few exceptions. Travelling Nation of Accensor are tolerated, but viewed with supreme suspicion by the current regime, and Retrogrades are expected to keep their faces covered and decent at all times.

All religion is tolerated within Sinn and Conn Valley, and often viewed fairly relative to each other.

The Children of Abaddon are only recently allowing trade and communications to once again flow in and out of Sinn and Conn Valley, and thus relations with the nearby factions have yet to be tested.

Before the invasion, the town enjoyed favorable relationships with Stanfjord, the Homesteaders, the Crimson Woods Cell, and the Cult of Moby.

Stanfjord is a prestigious Bridgewalker town of scholars and luminaries, primarily concerned with academic pursuits. They had been investigating the local Semper population before the invasion, and also to trade Bayweed for Lithium. They are considered one of the most innovative medical practitioners and researchers on the Western Coast, and are often times the leaders of their respective fields. They rarely mingle with the common citizen of Sin & Con Valley, but when they do, they usually remain objective and focused on the task at hand. Relations between towns are strained but not uncivil.

The Homesteaders are a collection of Mericans from various fiefdoms, with large farms and ranches dominating their lands. They often came to Sinn and Conn Valley to sell herb, meat and produce, with Rustwood Shards as one of their few imports. They are often aloof and independent, consisting of 13 firmly established fiefs, falling under the privy of the Baron of the Valley. They wield a mass of economic power they has yet to be tainted by the Children of Abaddon, and look at the occupied city of S&CV (Pronounced “Essen-See-Vee” by the Homesteaders) with suspicion.

The Crimson Woods Cell is the only faction to maintain a presence near Sinn and Conn Valley, often coming into to town with Bloody Tooth Fungus to help treat any sick or wounded members of town. They are viewed as philanthropists who share what resources they have to help the town.

The Saltwise of Sin and Con Valley reside in the roughest part of the bayside flotilla, bordered by both the Diesel Jocks and sea-faring Rovers. Often times in direct competition with the other strains, saltwise struggle to find relevance in departments outside of the watergate leading to town. Due to their segregated position, though, they have splintered into a variety of groups and organizations spanning the watery depths of the Sin & Con bay. The Cult of Moby, in particular, is a collection of Saltwise who live off the coast of Sinn and Conn Valley. They have devoted their lives to the service of creatures they call Garwhales, who they claim bring a good harvest, although no one outside of the cult has ever seen a Garwhale. One of the crops they often come to town to trade is Bayweed.

Other strange creatures also call Sinn and Conn Valley their home. One such creature is called the Grue. It’s unknown whether it’s a unique creature or an entire classification of them, but it’s been blamed in multiple disappearances and deaths. Not much is known about this creature other than it is a pure and opportunistic hunter in the night. All this is known to you, as a true resident of Sinn and Conn Valley. You’ve seen cruelty, kindness, order and anarchy. These travelers have no idea what to expect from this town.

But you do.