Ready to head into the Apocalypse?

We’re a community of players and gamers all interested in making sure you have a solid event, so let’s hook you up!
Check our New Player Facebook Group for any events or Discord meetings that may be of use to you.
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Have any specific questions? Feel free to contact us at

Please note, we are an 18+ event, we do not currently allow minors to play in the NorCal Venue due to insurance policies.

Please be sure to check our FAQ and What to Bring pages to ensure you’re well prepared for your first Dystopia Rising event!

Arriving to an event

Our site opens to our participants at 3 PM Friday on any given event weekend. At this time you’re welcome to set up camp, and are encouraged to do so in our New Player Area, in-game known as “The Whalesong Hotel.” All new players (1-3 Events) are welcome to stay here. Encounters and story hooks at this location are optimized for newer players.

Our New Player Guides are available for you from 6 PM forward to assist you with character creation, weapon and armor prop checks, and any questions you may have now that you’re on site. Please arrive to this portion of your check-in in costume. At this time we’ll be able to ensure you have a character sheet, blue armband (denotes newer player status), and any cards that are relevant to your character’s equipment.

Loaner boffer weapons are available for your first 3 events if you provide us with your ID, which is given back at the end of the event.

At approximately 8 PM, we have opening announcements next to the registration area. Afterwards, we will announce that New Player Orientation is beginning. This orientation is mandatory for all players to ensure knowledge and safety guidelines are known. After Orientation is an excellent time to ask any lingering questions you may have about the game experience. At this point, you will ideally be ready for the game to begin at approximately 9 PM. After your orientation, you are led in-game via a new player scenario that will bring you, as your character, into the game world for the duration of the weekend.

If you find your character concept isn’t something you’re having fun with, you’re welcome to rewrite a character with no penalties within its first 3 registered events. Please contact between games, or on site to do so.

Many hands make light work

Our events run from 9 PM Friday Night to 12 PM Sunday Afternoon. We do, though, have duties that all participants do before, during and after the game.

Casting Block: (NPC Shift)

Your Casting Block is a 4 hour stretch of time in which you help portray one of the threats or stories in the world that are not your character. We ask that you get out of your character’s costuming, and arrive to your shift at Ops about 5-10 minutes early in a set of black or dark clothing (lacking logos) ready to rock. From here, our Rules Guides will bring you out into the field on modules after you’ve been appropriately costumed and/or made-up by our Settings Guides.

These shifts are great opportunities to learn facets of the game experience you may be unfamiliar with or interested in exploring, along with helping provide an awesome experience for your fellow players. Everybody shambles, as we say. The goal of these shifts is less to win and kill your friends fictionally, but it’s to help create a good story that everyone can share in the future.

Your character sheet will be signed by an Ops or Rules Guide at the end of your shift.

Clean Up:

Clean up shifts happen at the end of game. After closing announcements at the Post Office (Registration) area, players are given approximately 1 hour to clean up their personal camping space. At the end of that time, they are asked to abandon their personal clean-ups if they have yet to finish in order to join the rest of the community in a camp clean-up. This is where players head to the Post Office to be sent with one of our Guide volunteers to help tidy up a section of the camp.

If you got a loaner prop from us, before you leave for your personal cleanup, please pick up your ID and return your loaner!

If you need to leave the event before Sunday at Noon, please stop by the post office for a shift that can be completed prior to your departure. Leave about thirty minutes to an hour of time to complete this task.

Your character sheet will be signed by one of our Guides upon completion of your Clean Up.

Sheet Turn In:

Your character sheet should be turned in at the Post Office before you leave the event. By the time you turn your sheet in, you should have your NPC Shift & Clean Up Shifts signed off by one of our Guides. Once turned in, you’re free to leave and we hope to see you next month!

Any of our Guides or Staff will always be happy to clarify any questions you may have regarding any of these processes!

Quick Start References

Before you get to an event, check out the links below to watch some video tutorials on topics or listen to a Podcast on what you may need for your first event!

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