We have a New Player check in in the New player building (known as the Blue Bee Motel) run by our marshals and Director of Storytelling. They will help you build a character, and get you all of your item cards to start play. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, and our New Player marshals will be happy to help.

You can reach the New Player marshals on our facebook group "Dystopia Rising NorCal Players" and the Director of operations to get a headstart on character registration at DRNorCalCoord@gmail.com

Please note, we are an 18+ event, we do not currently allow minors to play in our game


Quick Start References

Before you get to game, use the links below to watch some video tutorials on topics or listen to a Podcast on what you may need for your first ever LARP.

Basic Contact Safe Weapon


How To Write a Backstory

Advanced Contact Safe Weapon

Making a Packet for Guns or Abilities

How To Distress a Costume


Basic Zombie Makeup


We will provide starter item cards if this is your first event. This means you'll be able to get right into the thick of things. However, you will still need to bring your own contact-safe weapon prop (we have a small supply of limited loaners for you but they do run out) Standard semi auto Nerf guns are accepted as weapon props for the Bolt Action skill (we recommend painting them to improve immersion, but please keep the tip orange as per California law). Please bring a sharpie to write your player number, generated at the event, on your nerf darts.
Note: fully automatic Nerf guns are NOT allowed, so please keep your suped up battery operated boomsticks to a single round per trigger pull, thank you!

For bows, you'll need to create blue packets and have a bow phys rep. Please make sure that the bow can't actually be fired.

Every player can rewrite their entire character sheet once by their third event.  Take a chance and play something fun.  If you don't like it you can change it after the event (send us an email to our Coord director after game)  

Players should come prepared for a weekend surviving in the post-apocalyptic future.  Bring plenty of food, a sleeping bag, a cot or air mattress are highly recommended and a contact safe weapon.
A pair of simple, black clothes for NPC shift is also required.  

If you have further questions, check out our commonly asked questions page.