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-Coordination Guide: Deals with game logistics surrounding the Post Office, are in charge of filling out cards, printing blueprints, etc. -Operations Guide: Deals with sending out pre-written modules into the world, and briefing rules guides on how those modules should be presented. -Rules Guide: Goes out into the field with NPCs on modules, and ensure that the rules of the game are being followed to the best of the ability of game participants. -Settings Guide: Use their artistic skills to ensure that the production value of the event is high, by assisting NPCs with makeup, and by helping promote the genre expectations of the venue. -Safety Guide: Ensures that the game field is as safe as possible for players, and that weapons, armor, and props are safe for use. -New Player: Works with people who are new to Dystopia Rising or LARP, and does their best to provide relevant advice ranging from in-game mechanics to out-of-game preparation for an event.