Here is a list of items we recommend bringing with you to a Dystopia Rising event. This list is not all inclusive, but this is a good start. You are the best judge of your own comfort and needs.  Please consider what additional items you need to take care of yourself, and set the scene for your own sleeping area. 

Staff Items

Signed Release Form, Game Fee (cash or card), Pen.


Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Dental Floss, Shampoo, Sun Screen, Bug Repellent, Deodorant, Prescription Medications (please register any medical needs with the Directors), Towel.


A set of black or dark clothing for your Casting Block. (NPC Shift)
A Black Sheet to drape over items that are out of game when you are on shift, Low Strength Flashlight with a Red light or Gel (We have lighting gels on site), Hiking Safe Drinking Vessel, Plates and Cutlery, Sani-Wipes, Change of Clothes For Weather, Packets/Foam Darts (as needed), Contact Safe Weapon(s), Bottled Water.


Sleeping Bag, Cot/Air Mattress, Blankets, Glowsticks, Extra socks.


Make sure your costume is not only safe for running, jumping, crashing through the woods, slipping in mud and swinging combat-safe weapons, but also rugged.

There is no doubt that at some point during a Dystopia Rising event you could end up with fake blood on you and potentially on your clothes. Do not bring or wear anything to Dystopia Rising that you would be heartbroken to find damaged, stained, or destroyed. 

Sometimes zombie blood splatters make a costume cooler, since it now has history to it; however, if your costume is something you don’t want stained, then don’t bring it. Dystopia Rising is not responsible for the safety of your property if it is broken or stolen. Lastly, bringing expensive, delicate, or meaningful items is a recipe for disaster.

Weapon Prop

Whether you're a gun slinger, brawler, or melee fighter, you will want to bring a contact-safe prop with you. 

Check Out Dimitri's Larp Kit for More Ideas