After purchasing your ticket, please use our database check-in system to select which characters you will play, choose an NPC shift, and convert AP.

This system connects directly to our character database, which means you will know immediately what NPC shift you are signing up for, exactly how much AP you have, and other nifty things.  Protip: Convert your AP and THEN your purchased XP when checking in, if you fill out the boxes in order, they will clear the previous fields.

Note: Please check in as soon as you can! For every person who checks in, a larger ratio of scrounge (loot!) is seeded into the world, and it means that your character sheet could be printed out and waiting for you at the event, so it helps expedite the registration line for everyone!



Please proceed directly to our store to purchase a ticket! Be sure to go over the pages in our “New Players” section!