We built this city

Dystopia Rising: Northern California ran its first game in October 2018, and has been helping players experience and survive the apocalypse every month since!

While these three are the primary contacts for any questions, we would like to note that Dystopia Rising: NorCal is also assisted by a handful of phenomenal volunteers who have stepped up to become Guides and help run the back-end of the adventuree! To them we are eternally grateful!


Kai Norman - Owner | Visual Design

For Dystopia Rising: Northern California, Kai deals with creating immersive props and costuming, owns the business, and is responsible for backstory & restricted strain approvals!

E-mail Kai@DystopiaRisingNoCal.com if:
You would like to submit a backstory for your character.
You would like your costuming and backstory approved for a restricted strain.
You have a question about costuming appropriately for game.
You have a question regarding the formal business of Dystopia Rising: Northern California.



Jason Doyle - Narrative Designer | Conflict Resolution

For Dystopia Rising: Northern California, Jason weaves the stories that you interact with throughout the weekend, manages our team of writers, and deals with any interpersonal conflicts that may occur at game.!

E-mail Jason@DystopiaRisingNoCal.com if:
You would like to submit for a personal plot.
You have any questions about how to better interweave yourself with plot or enjoy game.
You are interested in becoming one of our writers for Dystopia Rising: NorCal.
You are concerned about any real-life issues effecting game. ( harassment, bullying, etc.)



Tobias McCurry - Logistics | Marketing | Customer Service

Tobias McCurry is the founder of Spring Heeled Studios, a prop maker, entertainer, and event producer based in Seattle who is infamously known for his shenanigans on TV and throughout conventions in the US. Tobias works in a myriad of genres ranging from Steampunk to Post-Apocalyptic, creating immersive works involving costuming, prop weaponry and more!

For Dystopia Rising: Northern California, Tobias deals with the logistic and marketing ends of the event experience!

E-mail Tobias@DystopiaRisingNoCal.com if:
You have a question about your character sheet, or the Database. (Character Transfers included.)
You have an inquiry or feedback that may improve your experience.
You have a marketing opportunity or event you’d like to make us aware of!