Where do I check in for the first time?

Check-in for new players occurs at a building called "The Post Office" Here, you can see the map to where to set up your sleeping space and also receive help creating your player number, your character, and getting set up with starter item cards.

You can also contact Tobias@DystopiaRisingNoCal.com a minimum of a week before game to get a head start on your character registration.

Do I need to bring my own physical representations for weapons?

Yes, you need to bring your own boffer-safe weapons. For bow phys reps, please do not bring an actual bow. Instead, bring something to represent a bow without a string and use blue packets for the "arrows." For the skill Brawling, make sure to bring white boffers (exact lengths can be found within the rule book). All boffer weapons will be checked for safety ahead of time.
We do have a few new player weapons as loaners for first timers (please bring your ID if you wish to borrow one), however these do run out quickly and they are first come basis, so we strongly encourage you to get your own, or borrow from one of your fellow larper friends. 

How do I ask Out of Game questions while In Character?

Dystopia Rising is a game filled with niche rules and mechanics. We in no way expect you to have to memorize these things in order to participate. Should you ever have any questions that aren’t suitable for the in-game environment, you can place your hand on your head (denoting out of game communication) and ask: “Clarify: What does that do?” or something similar.

Many players have found in-game ways to explain mechanics and systems in the game, and are primarily tribal knowledge. For example, characters will often ask for your “favorite number” in-character when they’re asking you for your player number.

Where's a good place to get boffer/latex weapons?

There are several sites where you can order boffer/latex weapons. Medieval Collectibles has a range of latex weapons to choose from (the foam-injected weapons sometimes do not pass safety, so please steer toward latex weapons). We also have a variety of crafters who can help you out on the Facebook group, Dystopia Rising Crafting Group as well this list of Dystopia Rising Authorized Crafters who can sell props with DR Logos upon them.

Will I have a bed as a new player?

There are no actual beds available in DRNorCal, however due to the site, we have a lot of empty buildings (roof and walls, no windows or doors, welcome to the apocalypse) so we encourage you to bring a mat, air mattress or a folding camping cot. We encourage new players to camp inside the somewhat centralized "Whalesong Hotel” (the new player building). Bring bedding/a sleeping bag as well as any toiletries and other items you'll need for overnight camping.

Pre-Reg doesn't seem to be open! What's up with that?

If pre-reg is sold out or doesn't seem to be available, it's likely because it's after the Sunday before game. Pre-reg closes the Sunday before game so that our team has time to print out sheets before game. You can, however, always check in to the database online before an event.

Can I pre-reg as a new player?

You can indeed pay and register online before game as a new player. If pre-registration is open on this website, go through that avenue. After that, send an email to Tobias@DystopiaRisingNoCal.com to get started, or attend one of our new player Discord meetups!

Should I bring a flashlight?

Any flashlight you bring should be relatively low-powered and have a red gel on it so that the light itself is red. This helps prevent ruining your own (or someone else's) night vision.

We have red lighting gels for players at the post office for their flashlights if needed. These lights are primarily used for safety purposes on the site.

What is/Where do I get my player number?

Your player number is how we keep track of your character in the database, You'll receive your player number at your very first game during character creation, or contact us ahead of time at Tobias@DystopiaRisingNoCal.com to get one. If you create a character on your own time before an event, feel free to bring in the character's information, and we'll use that to create your character.

Are there certain Strains I can't play?

Not all Strains are available for play at Dystopia Rising: Northern California, and some are restricted. Check out our Strain Restrictions page for full information.

What if I need uninterrupted sleep for medical reasons?

If you need uninterrupted sleep for medical reasons, please bring a doctor's note that says as much. We'll sleep you in the Post Office / Main Logistics Building, which is not attacked at night, and can have power through the night if absolutely needed.

Should I expect attacks at night?

Dystopia Rising is a fully-immersive, horror survival game, which means that there may be times at night when zombies, crazed (fictional) murderers, and other creatures may attack.

How much roleplay is involved in this game?

Dystopia Rising: Northern California is a fully immersive game, which means that from game on to game off, you'll be in the role of the alternate persona that you create. We encourage everyone to remain in character at all times, which means that discussions about the latest episode of Game of Thrones should wait until after the game is over.

If you need a break, head on over to the parking lot or head off site for a bite to eat.

What do I do for my Casting (NPC) block?

Each and every player does a NPC block, where they're given roles to act out in the world. You may be put into makeup to be a zombie, or you may be a person interacting in the world.

Before your NPC block, get changed into black clothing that's not your character's clothing. Leave your boffer weapons and character costuming where you sleep and put a DARK CLOTH over it to mark it as out-of-game while you're on your NPC block. Then head over to ops (we'll show you where that is!) with the out-of-game symbol (one hand on top of your head) or in a green headband (which is another out-of-game symbol). When you arrive, you'll be told what you're doing.

What do I do for food?

We do not provide food, and while some players make food for in-game currency, we encourage you to bring enough for the weekend. When packing food, consider what looks "genre" for the apocalypse. Get rid of packages and wrappers ahead of time and use cans, mason jars, paper bags, and other materials to disguise modern food.

If needed, there’re also several places off-site where you can grab food, from restaurants to stores.

Can I smoke on site?

There are 2 designated areas for smoking.
The Parking Lot, which is an Out-of-Character Space
Or the back road furthest from the post office, which is an In-Character Space.
Please police your butts, as we are happy to remove smoking areas should it become an issue.

What if I want to leave site for a short period of time?

If you are wanting to leave site for food or short errand run, and you are not for some reason locked into the game space mechanically (CvC Lock), you are welcome to leave at any time. Please remove any socially daunting pieces of costuming or makeup, and leave any weapon props on site, please.

If you are leaving for the weekend, please complete any required duties before you do so and check out at the post office.

I’m having a real life emergency and need to leave.

Run by the post office to hand us your character sheet and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you before you leave.

I’m having a real life emergency, and need help.

Feel free to contact one of our guides or employees if possible. You are welcome to drop out of game (hand on head) at any time and for any reason if there is a situation that is negatively impacting your out of game self. Personal safety is our number one priority. If there’s a medical problem or injury, you may call a hold and seek out one of our Medical Guides. There is always a real-life med kit at the post office, and our Medical Guides are on call during the entirety of the event.

If emergency services need to be called, do so, and notify Kai, Jason or Tobias immediately via yourself, another player, or one of our Guides.

How am I expected to play a zombie?

Glad you asked! Spencer Winter made us this fun infographic:


Please note that these are just some of the more commonly asked questions. If you have other questions, please email Contact@DystopiaRisingNoCal.com, or ask our New Player Marshals in the Facebook group "Dystopia Rising: Northern California" for more assistance.