We are the Northern California chapter of the networked Dystopia Rising LARP game series. You'll spend Friday through Sunday in the role of a survivor in the wastelands of the apocalypse. During this time, you'll find allies, fight off zombies, and deal with other threats the world throws at you. 

This game is an 18+ environment that takes place in the fictional settlement of Sinn & Conn Valley, a location with a grim back history filled with violence, conflict, betrayal. Set in the far future, after the apocalypse left the world riddled with Zombies and other Undead, humanity has been genetically warped by an infection into various strains of mutant survivors: The Strains of Humanity.


Sinn & Conn: The Story

The settlement of Sinn & Conn Valley is in a discreet location, kept hidden in the Marble Mountains to the west over the sea. 

Difficult to reach, You need to be cleared through Conner’s Bay and an immense chain linked sea gate on hired boats, once on land the journey up the valley pass is treacherous, best handled by veterans or guides.

Once, a membership only secret to settlement to purchase almost anything you could desire, Sinn and Conn was founded and intended as a haven for wealthy families escaping the horrors of Vegasia, a murderous and terrible place, some years ago.

Fairy tales aside, this bold frontier town died as soon as they let the beasts of their past inside their gates. Blinded by greed, and dark faith, this town became a desiccated corpse filled with wretched peoples braving life.

The once lush hills lit with the lights of revelry are now dark, barren, and burnt. Natural sounds of the flora and fauna are all but gone save for the sad songs of coastal sea life on the hot breeze at night. Most trees are gone save the distant Rust Woods that tower impossibly into the dead sky defending themselves with whipping vines and no natural predators to speak of.

Though Sinn & Conn has held its share of monsters. Its apex predator skulks in the dark, and awaits in the cold dark rooms of the settlement. It seeks to devour your light and then you. Even you find it likely that you may be eaten by The Grue.

Beneath the dark mountain sky the air carries the pyre smoke of the devoted, mixed with the salty smell of the sea. The Children of Abbadon once occupied this seaside town, with a clawed gauntlet they ruled, forcing marshal law on all life, and as they once remarked, suffering is life.

At one point, they kept the town barely alive in their own way, but it was dying slowly nonetheless. The streets were filled with empty or blight infested buildings, and only life can be seen gathering around few establishments. where there is food and a bed, if you could even sleep at all.

Sinn & Conn, as a game location, follows themes that combine post-apocalypse morality, failed attempts at a frontier town, and the survival instincts needed for carrying on in a world overrun by the undead.  

There is an active economy filled with crafters, merchants, and mercenaries, cut purses, and entertainers.